Whether you are a tourist seeking a cozy weekend getaway in our historical hotel or a new family looking for room to grow, we’ve got you covered. We offer a wide variety of rentals from single apartments to townhomes, cottages, family homes and more. We also offer an assortment of commercial and specialty rentals to meet all your needs. Feel free to reach out to one of our friendly real estate agents- we look forward to helping you into your dream home.



Have you found the perfect location, but the home is so not what you’re looking for? Not to worry! We are happy to offer home swaps on eligible parcels. Please note, that some homes such as apartments, townhomes and themed properties are not eligible. Please reach out to a rental agent and we’ll be more than happy to help get you settled into your dream home.


Every home in New Haven comes beautifully landscaped to suit the theme and season of the community, but we’re also excited to be able to provide custom landscaping options. Whether you are seeking help with a new pool, a garden arrangement around your patio, or room for a backyard hangout, we’re confident we can listen to your needs and work to bring your dream design to life.


We take pride on having an eye for detail and are committed to helping you fit all the details of your home to your lifestyle. So whether you are looking for custom paint options, new doors or even advice on interior design, we are happy to lend our services to bring every aspect of your dream home to life. 



We have a variety of residential properties for all lifestyles. Celebrate the single life in one of our apartments or cottages or enjoy the spacious waterfront with breathtaking views. If you can't find what you are looking for, one of our agents will be more than happy to assist. Whatever your needs are, we are determined to help you find and move into the home of your dreams.


New Haven is proud to boast a large selection of commercial properties. Offering boutiques, storefronts, offices, specialty spaces and more, no matter what you need we're sure to have something for you. We also provide a variety of pre-fab business options at a discounted price, perfect for the budding entrepreneur or those looking to enhance their roleplay experience.


If you are seeking a spontaneous weekend getaway, traveling on vacation or just passing through, our historical Hotel Nouvelle provides cozy rooms and suites for your stay. Starting at just 100L$/wk for a single room, hotel amenities also include an art deco inspired bar and lounge, a romantic dining room and a candlelit patio right on the riverwalk.


New Haven is proud to be the only family roleplay community that provides six sailable water regions. For those that have a love of the water and enjoy boating, fishing, diving and more, we're pleased to provide rentable boat slips to dock your vessel. No boat? No problem! We also provide a public boat ramp and a variety of watercraft for residents and visitors to enjoy!


We take our residents input seriously, so upon community request we're pleased to provide nearly a full sim dedicated to horse-enthusiasts. Offering trails, barns and an interactive track, we've also got a full-sized stable with spacious stalls for those looking for a place to home their favorite steed.

How Can We Help?


Absolutely! Most rentals have a standard starting price and you may choose to add or decrease the amount of prims you need. Though please note that some regions may or may not have more prims available than others.

Every rental has a ‘mailbox’ associated with that specific property. Simply right click and pay and choose how many weeks/days you wish to add to your tier.

You sure can! We offer a custom HUD, available to renters in the Welcome Packet. This HUD will allow for the main tenant of a rental to change the music stream as many times as they like!

Of course! Residents may use their own security orb to protect their property. Please keep in mind that when installing your orb, it must me limited to your parcel only and not extend to the sidewalk or other public areas. For additional information regarding security orbs, please visit the rental guidelines section of our Covenant.

Voice capabilities are permitted on owned parcels in an OOC only capacity. If you would like this feature enabled, please open a support ticket.

No, parcel sizes are not subject to change at this time; however, we would be more than happy to listen to your suggestions and get you on a waitlist for future rentals that meet the size you are looking for.

To maintain realism in the community, skyboxes and any locations rezzed in the sky are not permitted. The only exception to this are for ‘out of town’ training facilities used by public services and management for sim maintenance.

  • Standard rates are at 2L$/prim for most properties. Depending on the location and size of the parcel/rental, some rates may drop to 1.5L$/prim and go for as much as 3L$/prim.
  • Landscaping and anything extra provided by the community as part of the rental will never count against your prims unless otherwise stated.

Yes! We often have good Samaritans roaming around, adding rental time to unsuspecting residents. But, if you wish to pay tier for someone else, simply pay their rental box as you would your own. A message will pop up as a reminder that you are paying on someone else’s rental. Once you accept this notice, you may proceed with your transaction.

Unfortunately, we are not offering free rentals at this time, but if you are just passing through and looking to do some RP without renting, please reach out to a manager and we will be happy to assist. In addition, we do offer a variety of very cheap rental options, as well as homeless camps, tents, etc. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a manager so that we do our best to help get you settled into something.

Minors may rent for the sake of paying the tier, but please note that they must have a valid reason as part of their storyline. This may include an NPC family member they are living with, or a minor that is of a more reasonable age (14+).

Of course. You are free to park your cars, boats, trucks, scooters, bikes, etc. on your property. Please note, that at this time, aircraft are not permitted. In the event that the regions begin to experience lag, we may ask that residents limit their number of rezzed vehicles out at one time.

There are several two ways to get into a different home.

  1. If there is a specific property/home you are seeking, you may be placed on the waitlist for the next availability on that rental.
  2. If you wish to swap the home on your existing parcel, please reach out to a rental agent. We ask that you have three choices to choose from, as well as a minimum of two weeks on your tier.

Yes, realistic breedables are permitted on residential properties in a limited capacity. These include animals you would find in the real world, such as cats, dogs and horses. We also ask that you have no more than 3 breedable pets rezzed at any given time. Please note, that should any breedable pet or animal contribute to lag, you may be asked to pick them up.