1. Respect will be the #1 driving factor behind New Haven. Conversations or behavior that are inflammatory or derogatory in nature will not be tolerated.
        • This includes inappropriate sexual comments, abuse, derogatory political or religious views, racism, belittling comments or antagonistic behavior, etc. We are all adults, act like it; and consider the fact that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
        • This rule is considered the only warning and violating it will result in disciplinary action. Know before you post.
        • We cannot stress this enough. Leave your personal drama at the door. If you have a past issue with a resident and you both end up in New Haven, we expect you to maintain a drama free environment. With as big as the community is, there is plenty of space to keep your distance from one another. Personal drama that affects New Haven will be met with further action.
        • Don’t be a Karen/Kevin. If you don’t like something, consider this before you complain: are they breaking a rule or is it your personal preferences/feelings they are rubbing the wrong way? Everyone is different and not every action or storyline is going to fit into a white picket fence standard. New Haven is an inclusive and tolerant community. We expect everyone here to practice this rule.

    2. Management reserves the right to amend the Covenant, town rules and laws at any time. They will however, to the best of their ability, notify residents of any changes. In addition, any incident that arises where a rule does not offer clarification or where no rule exists, one will be added to the Covenant at that time.

    3. The violation of any rules as listed in the New Haven Covenant subjects avatars to a warning for their behavior, ejecting from the sim, a temporary or even a permanent ban. Serious violations that do not align with the Second Life TOS will also be reported to Linden Labs.

    4. Poaching or soliciting is not permitted in group chats or channels. This includes: other communities, gaming servers, unapproved donations/fundraisers, etc.
        • Copying any part of New Haven, including Covenant or other text, specific physical or design features, etc is prohibited and will result in an immediate ban. Seriously, get your own content.

    5. New Haven is a Moderate-rated community. All avatars are expected to follow these ratings as outlined by Linden Labs TOS when in public places.
        • The rezzing of adult rated furniture, poses, props, etc is not permitted in public spaces.When in public, it is expected that all avatars dress appropriately. If you wouldn’t wear it in RL, then don’t wear it here.
        • If you are triggered by moderate content, then perhaps SL isn’t the place for you.

    6. Please refrain from using excessive gestures, emotes or shouts that spam local chat or that would otherwise disrupt roleplay. The exception to these would be sound effects that tie into your avatar, such as breathing, laughter or baby gibberish, etc.

    7. To file a complaint, please open a support ticket via Discord or Website. It is the onus of the resident to provide the proof that supports their claim. Note: all sides and voices involved will be heard so that we can come to a fair and transparent resolution for everyone.
        • Management reserves the right to use all chat logs, screenshots and evidence provided to them in the course of an investigation.
        • Management will not reveal the sources to any complaints or accusations. All information will remain confidential.

    8. New Haven is a furry friendly community; however, they are to be treated as human and may not possess any exceptional traits beyond that which a normal human might otherwise possess.
        • Fantasy avatars are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: dragons, fairies, vampires, lycan, unicorns, etc.

    9. Animal avatars are allowed, but they must act and appear as nature intended. Their appearance should be limited to natural colors with no extraordinary enhancements (horns, wings, sparkles, etc).
        • Avatar animals may act as family pets or appear in the wild but are limited to emotes only. Please note that naturally aggressive wild animals will be treated as dangerous.
  1. Respect is first and foremost a guiding principle behind New Haven. We expect everyone to be kind to one another regardless of differences or past history. This includes in the Discord server and inworld group chats. Rude, belittling or antagonistic comments will not be tolerated.

  2. Any derogatory, inflammatory, racial, belittling or phobic comments are NOT tolerated. This rule is considered the only warning and violation of it will result in disciplinary actions. Know before you post.
      • This rule also extends to the distribution of inappropriate content that may otherwise jeopardize the promotion of a safe environment for others. There are plenty of avenues for your own personal jokes and commentary, but New Haven servers and personal DMs to other New Haven members are not the place. Again, know before you post.

  3. Discord members may elect to change their own username for the server. Using your character name is preferred, but mostly just keep it clean and inoffensive.

  4. Roleplay group chats are for in-character posts. Please keep OOC comments to a minimum. Use the #off-topic, #create-a-ticket or Real Estate/Township group chat options for general chat or to seek assistance.

  5. As we strongly believe in community involvement, votes put to the community will be a regular occurrence. This will require users to have access to the Discord server in order to participate. In some cases, votes will also be gathered via form.

    1. Not knowing the Covenant and Rules will not be a reason for any RP to be voided. Every community has them and it is expected that you read and understand them before participating.

    2. When an RP scene is taking place, please be respectful of one another and keep OOC comments to a minimum or take them to IMs. If needed, please use double parentheses (( )) for OOC chat. Any text not in (( )) will be considered IC.

    3. We strive for quality RP here in New Haven, so a decent knowledge of roleplay is expected among role-players; however, it is not required. We understand that everyone comes from all different backgrounds and we encourage you to go out and take control of your experience. If you need help or would like some pointers, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    4. It goes without saying that not every character is written to be kind, but this being the internet, please remember that feelings can still be hurt. Don’t hesitate to reach out in IM to someone you are role-playing with, especially if your character is designed to come across as difficult or aggressive. On the flip side, don’t jump to conclusions about what someone says in local chat until you know if it is an IC or OOC statement.

    5. All active role-play or crime scenes should utilize a ‘Roleplay Information’ sign. This sign, in the form of an exclamation point, should be placed at the scene for participants or management to acquire additional information. Each sign should have the included note card filled out. You can retrieve the sign from the Welcome Center in Town Hall.

    6. Please maintain as much realism as possible. Avoid teleporting into a scene or an event. Avoid using RL as the basis for your RP. Stick to your character. All local chat is considered IC unless otherwise stated or in parentheses.

    7. In the event of an RP issue or concern, please pause the scene and reach out for a moderator. They will come in and assess the problem and make a decision on how to proceed.
    1. New Haven is a roleplay and residential community. Please respect the privacy of all residents and do not enter or cam into residential homes unless invited to do so. You will be warned once and if the behavior continues you will be asked to leave or ejected and banned from the sim.

    2. Flying is NOT permitted by residents, except by management in the course of their duties. This includes in any form (hovering, planes, helicopters, etc) During this time, management will be considered OOC.
          • Currently the only exception to this rule will be for approved Public Service Departments as part of a roleplay.
          • Realistic flying will be considered at a later time, as the community grows to support this concept.

    3. New Haven is a non-combat community. Please refrain from using combat HUDs and/or meters including bloodlines, ZCS, CCS, etc.

    4. New Haven is a text based community. Voice is permitted on residential properties in an OOC capacity only; it is not to be used for roleplay purposes. If something happens via voice and you are not able to provide proof as a result, we cannot help you.
      1. All public areas and businesses are considered in character and roleplay rules are expected to be followed at all times. Proper roleplay etiquette is expected.
              • Any business that does not have a roleplay sign will automatically be considered ‘fair game’ to fires, crime, etc. We will not void a roleplay because you did not read the rules and have a sign posted. Please see the rental rules for more information.

      2. Driving is an in-character action. Avatars must wear the proper tag (resident or tourist) at all times when operating a vehicle.
              • We understand lag happens, but if you are driving and an accident occurs, please verify the situation OOC with the other party. If you fail to verify and drive off, the other player has a right to continue with the roleplay as they see fit.
              • Refusing to roleplay a driving incident where verification did not happen will result in having driving privileges revoked for a specified amount of time.
              • Under no circumstances should a vehicle be picked up or swapped out during a roleplay, or involved parties teleport from the scene. This will be considered god-modding/power-gaming and subject to disciplinary action.

      3. Flying/hovering is NOT allowed. For use of aircraft, please see the flying guidelines section of the Covenant.

      4. Any questionable or sensitive roleplay should not be detail posted in local or group chats. Instead, they should follow the fade to black rule and be taken to private chat for continuation.
  1. Use common sense. A guardian will not be made a requirement provided children are acting age appropriate.

  2.  Young children should stay close to home when not accompanied by a guardian. If you are going to play an age where you would not be out alone, then a guardian should be present, period.

  3. Children riding toys cars, bikes, skateboards, etc. should utilize the sidewalk where possible. You may use these items in an OOC capacity, but you MUST have an OOC tag on. When IC, please keep your use of these items relevant to your age and motor function.

  4. Keep crime reasonable. Minor children should not be out stealing cars; four year old’s should not be climbing ladders or calling 911.

  5. Minors committing crimes will be handled in accordance with the law. Parents/guardians will also be held responsible for crimes committed by their children.

  6. If you are a minor and your criminal RP is out of control, you will be sentenced and remanded to an out of town facility until you are of age to return.

  7. As a minor without a guardian, you may be stopped by law enforcement out of courtesy. If they see a young child alone, it is still their responsibility to make sure you are okay.

  8. There is to be absolutely NO sexual RP among or with anyone under the age of 18. In addition, unnecessary violence toward any child or teen by an adult is prohibited. If you are caught violating this rule, ALL involved parties will be banned and reported.

  9. Due to the sensitive nature of certain roleplay topics, any children role-playing harm to themselves in a more serious nature than what is normal for their age will need to reach out ahead of time to ensure there are public service personnel available and willing to roleplay this out. In addition, this type of roleplay should not be posted in group chats but should fade to black out of respect.

  10. Please do not abuse the use of public services or 911. Doing so will issue you a warning first, then a timed restriction on roleplaying with these groups.
  1. First and foremost- if you commit a crime, then be prepared to do the time. This includes arrest, incarceration, trial and sentencing.

  2. For any crimes committed in New Haven where they are not a ‘live’ RP, a ‘Roleplay Information’ sign with evidence MUST be left at the scene. This is to allow other players and emergency services to participate and will also keep the scene from being returned prematurely. Any scene, regardless of severity, without a Roleplay Sign is subject to being returned and/or voided.

  3. If you are playing a criminal and participating in escape roleplay, please keep your actions realistic. You’ll not be likely to escape every time, nor will jumping off cliffs or crashing your vehicle be feasible without injury. Roleplay accordingly and allow participants to respond to escape attempts before moving on to the next action.
      • Using the map to avoid law enforcement or for law enforcement to locate criminals is STRICTLY prohibited. If any citizen is caught to be doing this, they will be asked to leave.

  4. If you are visiting New Haven and wish to RP a criminal element but are not planning to return for a continuation, please let management or law enforcement know so we can adapt accordingly.

  5. Kids or teens committing crimes are not exempt from the law and are expected to follow the same rules for criminal roleplay. Use common sense and fit the crime to your age. Please see the ‘IC Rules – Minors’ for more information.
      • Any minor or child committing adult related crimes as a way to bypass the justice system for a more lenient punishment will not be tolerated.

  6. If you have been arrested and are incarcerated, you may be OOC, in your home or off-sim.

  7. Using an NPC to commit a crime is not permitted. NPCs may be used as victims with a detailed enough story to allow for plausibility and follow-through, but not as criminals as a way for residents to bypass the justice system.
  1. We are first and foremost a roleplay community, therefore we kindly ask that residential properties be used by those that will actually be participating in the community. Many communities don’t care as long as they receive your money, but we strive to maintain an active and immersive environment. If you are only here to pay rent and not participate- there are plenty of other non-roleplay communities to live.

  2. Due to high demand, residential properties are limited to ONE per person. Commercial properties are limited to THREE per person.

  3. At this time, we are not currently offering refunds on rentals. We will, however, be more than happy to transfer any remaining tier to another rental of your choice provided you are the main or subtenant on that rental. If you fail to read rule #2, you will not be refunded.

  4. To maintain an authentic coastal New England experience, residents should avoid rezzing landscaping that does not fit within the theme of the town. Items should also be of decent quality (100% mesh) and scripts removed where possible to help cut down on lag. If you require walls to be painted or minor modifications of a home to be made, please open a support ticket. Please note that not all exterior requests may be approved if it affects the outward appearance of the community. In addition:
        • Items are not permitted on rooftops. (Short-term holiday decor is okay.)
        • Driveway and walkway textures may not be covered/altered without management approval.
        • Any added landscaping to your parcel must fit the season.

  5. Most rentals do not require an agent to rent if the property is available. Simply pay the rental box and reach out to a rental agent if you need further assistance.
        • In the event that there are no vacancies, you may ask to be placed on a waiting list. When a rental becomes available that suits your needs, it will be reserved for a period of twenty-four hours in which you may decide to rent or pass on that specific property. If no decision is made, the reservation will be given to the next available person.
        • Rental agents will make two separate attempts to contact you regarding an available rental. If met with no response, you’ll be removed from the waitlist and will need to reapply to be added back onto it.

  6. Here in New Haven, we are excited get you into the home of your dreams; therefore, home swaps are permitted as long as they meet the following criteria:
        • There may not be another similar home nearby. If there are two many homes by the same designer on a region, the swap may be denied as well.
        • The home must fit comfortably within the size of the parcel. For example, a small cottage may not be placed on an extra large parcel or vice versa.
        • Home swaps MUST be pre-approved before renting. To inquire about a home swap, please open a support ticket with three home options (with marketplace link)
        • Homes must be 100% mesh and of a good quality.
        • The home must fit within the New Haven theme. Modern styles do not.
        • If you habitually swap homes or move, you may be required to pay an additional service fee.
        • Before a home swap can be performed, you must have a minimum of two weeks on your rental.
        • Home must have a minimum of 4 weeks tier added before house swap is performed.

  7. Music streams are able to be changed via a custom HUD available in the Welcome Packet. You must be part of the real estate group and only those whose name is on the rental box will be able to change the stream. This applies to Residential properties only. If you have a shared commercial parcel, you may not change the stream.
        • Music, media and voice are limited to private parcels only. Please be sure to turn off your music and media players when not in use so as not to disrupt your neighbors.

  8. Roleplay signs are provided for renters. Please use them to indicate whether or not you wish for RP to take place at your residence, as well as any additional information you might like to share within the provided notecard.
        • Being that we are an RP community, all residential properties without an RP Sign will be automatically eligible for RP.
        • All businesses are considered in-character and will automatically accept roleplay. It is up to the business owner to have a roleplay sign on their premises detailing rules for what is and isn’t allowed. If no sign is present, the roleplay is at the discretion of the initiator.
        • Roleplay will NOT be voided because you disagree with something and did not have an RP sign present saying otherwise.

  9. Please stay within your allotted prim limits for your home or business rental. Where available, additional prims may be purchased to suit your needs. Please reach out to a rental agent with your request.

  10. Skyboxes or platforms are not permitted by renters.

  11. Ban lines are not permitted; however, residents may use their own security orbs or visitor trackers. Any security systems utilized are required to have all admins, moderators and rental agents on the allowed list or your orb will be returned without warning. There must also be a minimum 20 second delay before a visitor is ejected from the parcel.
        • Security systems/visitor trackers may only be used for RP purposes provided there is proper notice provided within your ‘Yes, Roleplay’ Sign. Otherwise, use of this knowledge is considered meta-gaming.

  12. Parcels are not set to private by default so as to promote RP within homes, such as in the case of law enforcement or the fire department. If you would like the privacy enabled at your home, please open a support ticket and one of our rental agents will be more than happy to assist you.
        • The main floor of a commercial property is reserved for commercial use only. You may elect to use any upper floors for residential purposes, but please keep in mind that privacy may only be toggled on full residential parcels.

  13. Tier transfers are available provided:
        • You are the primary renter looking to transfer to a different parcel.
        • You choose not to renew your rental and wish to transfer the remaining time to another person. You must be listed as a subtenant on their rental in order for the tier to be transferred.

  14. If a rental is deemed abandoned, management reserved the right to re-claim the property. All attempts to contact the renter will be made first. A rental is considered abandoned, if:
          • The rental is set to not renew and there are fewer than 50 prims on the parcel.
          • The rental has less than a week left, there are fewer than 50 prims on the parcel and all attempts to reach the renter have been unsuccessful.
          • The renter is not in any New Haven groups, there fewer than 50 prims left on the parcel and/or the time left on the rental box is under 7 days.

  15. Commercial rentals may utilize tip jars (with the exception of prefabs,) online boards and item givers; however, they may not spam local chat without being clicked. Hovertext may not interfere with a neighboring parcel.

  16. Prefab shops are spread throughout the community and are a permanent presence for a variety of roleplay options. The discounted price means they are designed to be rented as is and are set up for the ease of not having to decorate it yourself. Renters may choose to add to the space to further enhance roleplay and make it their own, but the removal or changing of the prefab is limited- this includes any names, logos, decor or theme.


  1. New Haven is not an open-rez community, but we do offer cheap rental options, such as hotel rooms or post office boxes that grant you rez rights.
    • If you are not a renter but would like to roleplay with us and are in need of rez rights, please reach out to a member of management so we can help.
  2. Prim limits for events should not exceed 200 prims unless prior approval has been given by management. Set up for events should occur no sooner than 24 hours before the start of the event so as to minimize disruption of an area to other residents.

  3. The rezzing of adult rated furniture, objects, props, etc is not permitted in public or business areas of New Haven.

  4. Objects left unattended, whether IC or OOC are subject to return by management at any time. If the objects are part of an ongoing roleplay scene, please be sure to have a ‘Roleplay Information’ sign at the scene.
    • Fires set must be RPed in some form, whether live or with a ‘Roleplay Information’ sign. In addition, excessive rezzing of fire systems/units lags the sim down and makes it difficult for first responders to participate. Rezzing an unreasonable amount of fires without permission will be considered griefing and is subject to a soft ban.

  5. Pets, horses and other scripted animals should be set to static when not attended, or in an area where they cannot escape. Please ensure that any follow commands are disabled.
    1. Maine is a constitutional open carry state. Open carrying of handguns is permitted only for full time residents with an open carry permit. You must have a valid license and address [in New Haven] and be at least 21 years of age to be allowed to openly carry a weapon.

    2. Residents employed by any town service may not carry a firearm while on duty with the exception of law enforcement.

    3. Residents do not need a permit to carry a concealed weapon; however, they must meet the eligibility guidelines for any weapons carry. This includes larger caliber weapons such as shotguns or rifles.

    4. In any encounter with law enforcement, it is your duty to inform Officers if you are carrying a weapon, concealed or not. Failure to do so may lead to legal action.

    5. Military-grade weapons, vehicles or tactical gear is prohibited except by law enforcement, or to those given special privileges by law enforcement in the course of their duties. Community management should be made aware of these permissions.

    6. Weapons may not be carried in or around school property, governmental buildings (with the exception of law enforcement), parks or in any establishment where alcohol is served.

    7. Business owners reserve the right to prohibit firearm carry in their establishment, provided signs are posted and unobstructed to patrons.

    8. Weapons may only be carried in a vehicle provided they are secured in a locked case in the trunk during transport. ((You must remove your firearm and emote locking it up before driving, or risk being stopped by police.))
    1. Residents do not need to rent in New Haven to obtain a drivers license, but you must have a registered vehicle in order to drive within the town. We will accept a valid license and registration from other communities for RP purposes, provided community rules and laws are followed.

    2. To apply for a Driver’s License, you must be at least 18 years of age.

    3. Permitted drivers must be between the ages of 15-17.
          • Permitted drivers may only drive between the hours of 6am and 10pm and must be in the presence of a licensed Driver over the age of 18.

    4. When submitting your application for Citizen status/driver’s license and your vehicle registration, please allow 48-72 hours for processing. If you have not received your license by then, please open a support ticket.

    5. In an effort to preserve prim limits and cut down on potential lag, we ask that rezzed vehicles be limited to one per person and that all personal city vehicles be picked up when not in use. The only exception to this rule is for city vehicles used by all members of the department.

    6. Vehicles left in public spaces will be subject to citations from law enforcement. As per the law, three citations will result in a suspended license and driving privileges will be temporarily revoked.

We receive enough requests on a regular basis that we felt we needed an area to cover pertinent information. These guidelines pertain to individuals wishing to start up or bring in their own group or organization to New Haven, or for mutual aid requests.

  1. Town departments come first. We will not take away duties from these primary groups, but will always consider proposals and requests that help to enhance overall roleplay.
      • Department Heads will have a voice on all requests and proposals and while they do not hold the final say, their opinions will be held with the highest consideration.

  2. You must be an active member within the community for a minimum of 90 days to be eligible to have your proposal considered for a group or organization.

  3. We will consider all proposals equally and fairly, provided they meet the necessary criteria. Disrespect or attitude toward management for a denied proposal will ensure you are not reconsidered at a later time. Criteria includes:
      • A submitted proposal in a Google Doc format, highlighting your Standard Operations, roles and responsibilities of members and a detailed rundown on how this group or organization will work within the existing New Haven structure.
      • A written intent on how roleplay will be generated for the community from your group or organization. (Not just waiting for resident generated.)
      • Needs and allowances from management to make your proposal work.

  4. Mutual aid requests can fill out the following form and, if approved, will receive an invite to our rez group. This will allow verified mutual aid partners the ability to rez and communicate with our teams.
      • Any instance of disrespect in this group will result in mutual aid privileges being revoked. For any complaints against our team members or staff, please reach out to a moderator or general manager.
      • Mutual aid partners may not show up for a call before it is requested. This is considered meta-gaming and is not tolerated.
      • Soliciting and poaching are not allowed. We encourage roleplay with all communities, so there is no need for it.
    1. Approved aircraft for flying include:
        • Helicopters
        • Drones
        • Vertical Lift Aircraft
        • Other Approved Powered Lift Aircraft.

    2. Only personal use aircraft will be permitted at this time. Planes, military grade or heavily modified, or large passenger/commercial aircraft are not permitted.
        • Aircraft designed for professional use, such as those needed for utility purposes, emergency services, rescue operations, etc. are not approved for use by private residents.
        • Any liveries in use by personal aircraft may not contain any logos, insignia, color schemes or decals that may be otherwise used by emergency services.

    3. Hovering over any private parcel is strictly prohibited.

    4. If crashing aircraft becomes an issue due to sim crossings, or becomes a regularly occurrence with a specific user, flying will be limited to water regions only.

    5. Like vehicle operations, ALL flying in New Haven is considered an in-character action and are to follow the same rules.

    6. Any person that operates an aircraft must initiate take off via Roleplay Group Chat. This is so that public services can help keep an eye out should there be an emergency. This will also act as a representation of communication to air traffic controllers.

    7. You must obtain a pilot’s license in order to fly in New Haven. To obtain a license, fill out the application here. The cost of a license is L$250. Requirements include:
        • You must be at least 18 years of age.
        • You must have a New Haven DL and a clean driving record.
        • You must have New Haven address.

    8. Flying is on a trial basis at the request of our residents. Abusing this privilege or breaking any of the guidelines will cause it to revoked.

    9. Please pick up all aircraft after use. There is currently no place to store them. This may be worked into roleplay by explaining that there is an off-site hangar outside of town.
        • Aircraft may NOT be rezzed our left out on residential properties. The helipad is the only approved location.

    10. The only approved public use helipad is located on the water in Winslow Bay. Personal use helipads are prohibited.
        • Pilots may not, under any circumstance, land on helipads put in place for public service departments.

    11. Open water flying is permitted at heights above 50m, but any aircraft flying over land must do so at a minimum height of 200m. The exception to this rule would include:
        • For public service departments in the course of their duties.
        • Approved roleplay scenarios.
        • Recreational drones may fly lower than 200m but may not contain any tracking, recording or privacy-invading technology.
            • Flying a drone over private property is at the risk of the owner of the drone.