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The York County Division of Motor Vehicles is a one stop shop for anyone looking to getting started in New Haven. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, everything you need can be found here. Prior to getting started, we do ask that you please read the New Haven Community Rules & Covenant. Many of the answers to your questions can be found here. If something is not clarified, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you, as well as add it to our information for others to utilize. Not reading the rules will not be an excuse if you break them. They are here for a reason and to maintain structure and order within the community and among its citizens. As such, we cannot stress enough that any actions regarding vehicles, driving, parking, etc in New Haven will always be considered an in-character action. 

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The application for citizenship is your first step in getting started in New Haven. Each application is limited to one per account, but the first one is free of charge. Upon applying, you will also be able to select which type of identification you are seeking: Driver's License, Learner's Permit (ages 15-17) or an ID (14 and under). Citizenship never expires, but your form of identification will need to be renewed every six months. There is a $L50 cost to renew or update any information on your license. Simply fill out the form again and add in your transaction history.
For those interested in driving in New Haven, you'll need to register your vehicle. If you are just visiting, we DO accept other communities' registrations as long as they are valid, but when in New Haven you must follow our community Rules & Covenant as well as the laws of Maine. If you are New Haven resident with an address, you have 7 days to update your citizen status.

Your first standard license plate is free and renewals are every three months at a fee of L$50. This helps cover upload and time costs for our DMV workers. Vanity plates, such as those with custom or charitable designs are L$100. Renewals for vanity plates are L$50 provided you keep the same plate and number. If you are registering multiple vehicles in your name, there is a fee of L$50 per registration/plate.
At resident request, we've added a more simplified way to update your address. If you've recently moved and need to update your Driver's License, this form is the easiest way to go.
Upon resident request a small, public helipad is available for use for those interested in operating small vertical lift aircraft. New Haven residents that are 18 years of age and older and have a clean driving record may apply for their Pilot's License at the DMV. There is a one time fee of L$250 associated with this request. Please refer to the flying guidelines found under the Covenant for more information.
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Standard, Vanity & Disability


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frequently asked questions

To apply for a Driver’s License, you must be at least 18 years of age. If you are between the ages of 15-17,  you may apply for a Learner’s Permit following the completion of a Driver’s Education Course (sponsored by Winslow Academy).

To renew your Driver’s License/ID or your vehicle registration, please fill out the appropriate renewal form that suits your needs. Renewal requirements are as follows:

Driver’s License/ID – L$50/six months
Vehicle Registration – L$50/three months

No, not at this time. There is, however, a business listing form that can be filled out to get your business added to the business directory on our website. If you wish to register vehicles to your business, this will be done in the same manner as any standard vehicle.

You will need to to register each vehicle independently of one another, just like any other vehicle.

We have a set time of three months for plate renewals so that law enforcement may have more idle roleplay available to them as part of routine traffic patrols.

If you have received a citation, you have 30 days to schedule traffic court to appeal or pay your fine. To pay your fine, you will need to reach out to the DoJ. If no one is available and you simply cannot wait, please make a post in roleplay chat that you’ve paid your fine, then copy your post into a notecard and submit it to a member of the DoJ.

Yes, we do! We do accept identification and vehicle registration from other communities from those looking to explore New Haven. This is provided they are valid and not expired. If you are a resident of New Haven (ie: renting) then you will be required to update your Driver’s License and apply for a new vehicle registration within 7 days. 

Processing and receiving your application or registration may take anywhere from 24-72 hours. Please note that the DMV is not open on weekends and anything submitted after 5pm SLT on Friday will not be processed until Monday.

At this time, there is no way to auto-renew. You will be required to submit a renewal form for each service, with renewal payment to the DMV for processing. This also lets us know that you are still active within the community and provides law enforcement with additional roleplay opportunities should you forget.

If you are needing to submit a change of address, name, a new picture, etc. for your Driver’s License, you’ll need to submit the renewal/update form and send that, along with your $L50 payment to the DMV for processing.

We understand that citizens might be excited and eager to get started in driving and roleplaying in New Haven. If you’ve submitted your citizenship application and/or vehicle registration and are waiting for it to be processed, you may still drive. If you get stopped, please kindly let the officer know OOC that you are awaiting the physical documentation as they WILL verify this information with the DMV before proceeding.

Yes. If you require a disability plate you will need a note from your doctor (notecard) and submit it to the DMV to be eligible for a disability plate. Please select that plate option under the Vehicle Registration.