You don’t have to live in New Haven to stop on by and have some fun. We welcome all role-players within Second Life to explore our community, meet new friends and make lasting memories. Whatever you need to make that happen, our friendly management team will be more than happy to help.


New Haven is a family-friendly roleplaying community founded in January 2022 on the principle of respect, kindness and fair treatment. It is also a place for second chances. No matter where you come from or what your background is, by arriving in New Haven you agree to keep the drama at the door and move forward with a fresh start.


With the hope of providing Second Life role-players a place to live, work and play, we invite everyone to come and see what we have to offer. So, whether you are new to roleplay or an experienced storyteller, we welcome everyone looking to have some fun to be part of a close-knit community. 



Upon arriving in New Haven, stop by our Town Hall for your one-stop shop in getting settled in to the community. Here, you can join our key groups to get you started in meeting new people, find out about current events, ask questions and even start planning a roleplay.



While we encourage people to have fun and play their character to their satisfaction, New Haven is still a community where kindness and respect is first and foremost. Of course, those things often come with some rules to keep things in order. So, please be sure to read our covenant before you get started and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!



Once you’ve decided to roleplay with us, feel free to make yourself at home! Whether you choose to live in New Haven or not, you can go ahead and become a citizen, apply for your driver’s license and even register your vehicle!



If you are looking to further enhance your roleplay experience and wish to rent a home, open a business or lease a space for your horse or boat, we’ve got you covered. Head on over to our real estate page to learn more or reach out to one of our rental agents who will be more than happy to assist you.



If you are seeking an in-character job, we have many options available! Any of our public service departments are always hiring hard-working and dedicated individuals to join their ranks. Stop by our career center for inworld applications or check out the town services page for more information!


Looking for work but maybe something out of character or a mix of both? We also hire for real estate, moderators, events and more.



Our town and residents come together to offer the community a variety of amenities to enhance and enjoy your New Haven experience. We provide city services such as banking, waste management and phones, as well as opportunities to explore the legend and lore that is rooted deep within New Haven.


New Haven is a really friendly community. My family and I have been really happy here in new Haven. My kids (2 daughters) love the pre-school and all of the family friendly events. Moving to New Haven was the best decision I have made in a long time!!

- Rydin Galaxy-Adair

I love the feel of New Haven. I role-playing between communities and I use New Haven as my getaway/winter home. I much prefer to be home in New Haven. I love how quick management is with handling any issues. What seal the deal for me is the expansions.

- Monse Ferrari

I came to New Haven wanting to come out of retirement from the fire service and start over, build a fire department from the ground up and I came and did just that. None of that would have ever been possible if it wasn't for the support of the management and citizens. It is absolutely about starting over, and second chances and that's what I love about this place. People support each other and there is a deep sense of community.

- Peter Bloodwyne