It is the mission of the New Haven Fire Department to provide the highest quality of public safety for our community. We plan to accomplish this through a swift and strategic response to all fires, hazardous materials incidents, and rescues on land and sea; to save lives, property, and the environment. We will uphold this mission by promoting safety and maintaining a well equipped, highly trained and motivated force of firefighters and rescue personnel; while promoting fire prevention and public safety education programs. It is through this that we can preserve all the history of the past, while embracing all of the hope for the future.


Before the town was renamed New Haven, the village of Nouvelle was a small but proud place caught in the middle of a war. By the time the war was over, many of the settlements along the Maine coast were under new rule or left in ruin. Casualties were great but for the generation left behind by the original founders of Nouvelle, pride and a love for their home were evident. Henry Ambrose, grandson of founder Sir Morgan, was no exception. Where the Ambrose family had a strong foothold in business and entertainment, Henry had a passion for saving lives and preserving what his grandfather had started.

As the war had wreaked havoc on Nouvelle, Henry was determined to save the only home many of the villagers knew. Rallying his fathers employees and remaining townspeople, he devised a way to combat the fires that ravaged Nouvelle. Using water from the bay pushed through a stretch of leather tubing, many of the structures were spared. While what remained of the town was eventually renamed New Haven, Henry saw this as a new opportunity to make his own mark on the world. So rather than pursuing the family business, Henry Ambrose established the New Haven Fire Company. As its first Chief, the company would not only grow, but become one of many leaders in innovative new technology that would enhance fire-fighting and life-saving for the town. It was a new concept, for sure, but one that would prove to establish a lasting and rather interesting legacy for years to come.

Meet the Chief


I’m proud to serve the town of New Haven and lead a strong crew to protect the great citizens of this town. We strive to bring safety and peace of mind to everyone who lives in New Haven. Each of our Members has joined this Department because they felt a calling to help others in their time of need and work hard to be ready for any situation that may arise. From fighting fires, water rescues and medical services, our goal is to fulfill the responsibility this amazing town has entrusted us with. Community outreach is important to NHFD, we are proud to offer classes to the town because knowledge is the first step towards your safety, we love to be out in the community and interact with those we have sworn to look after. As we continue to grow and evolve as a department we do our absolute best to keep your safety as our top Priority. For this reason, we offer fire safety classes and are available for events you may hold in town. On behalf of NHFD Thank you for putting your trust in us.


It’s that magical time of year again and those winter temperatures are in full swing, bringing in crisp, clean mornings and many days of snow. The smell of wood smoke will begins to fill the air as we gather around those warm and toasty fires. This also means that it is time keep up with the cleaning and maintaining of your chimney. Soot from last winter, debris from over the summer, nests, animals, you name it- can all be found in chimneys that have not been used in months. It is important to work on getting all of that nasty, flammable material and reduce the risk of chimney fires.


Along with those evening fires is the need for wood. Firewood is a necessity for many of us and it is also the cause of many fire calls each year. Residents like to stack wood close to the house or on the porch. While this is nice for those particularly cold and snowy days, it also created a fire hazard all winter long. Oftentimes, wood debris can hold sparks or some other heat source that can act as an accelerant for flames to erupt. It is important to move these fuel sources away from your home. Tarps can provide a cheap barrier to keeping your firewood dry while it is in an alternative location.


No matter the time of year, New Haven is a beautiful place to be, but winter gives it a truly magical feel. Let’s work together to keep out families, homes and businesses safe. Together, we can do great things.


Fire safety is always on our minds and we want nothing more than for you and your family, business and customers to be prepared in the event of a fire. To make this happen, we offer smoke alarm installations for your home or business upon request. Please complete the following form to get yours!


Fire trucks have always been a fascination for people of all ages. Here at the NHFD we are pleased to offer scheduled tours and ride along opportunities for those interested in learning more about how these impressive vehicles operate. We will also gladly provide tours of our newly redesigned station house where our emergency personnel are able to relax between calls.


Whether you are a new business or have a concern to address or report regarding a potential fire hazard, the NHFD is here to provide security with certified fire inspections. If you would like to schedule an inspection, please complete the form below and one of our staff will contact you as soon as possible.


The NHFD offers an education and pre-career program for youth ages 12+. Offering classes in basic first aid, CPR, fire safety and prevention (and more!) we aim to provide the next generation with useful information and skills that they can carry with them into the future.


CPR is one of the most basic in first aid measures and can provide life-saving support until emergency services arrive. If you would like to become certified in CPR, please sign up for one of our classes and one of our trained professionals will gladly help teach you how to save a life.



Whether you are experienced in the world of SL Emergency Services or just starting out, we are excited to provide all levels of training for department personnel. Not only do we offer basic training, but we strive to continuously establish new qualifications for our teams to explore. We are also committed to giving fair and equal opportunities for growth and advancement within our ranks.


Citizens are not required to live in the town of New Haven in order to work for the fire department; however, for those that choose to live in New Haven, a 10% rental discount will be made available to all town employees upon request for those that meet the minimum level of activity within the department per week.


New Haven proudly offers residents a sign on bonus for their employment within the NHFD once the following criteria has been met:
  • Completion of the training phase for applicable new hires.
  • Thirty days active employment within the NHFD for new hires and transfers.

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Firefighting involves extremely hard, skilled physical work, and firefighters must be able to think quickly and operate effectively in high-pressure emergency situations. The New Haven Fire Department continuously seeks to hire determined, hard-working and team-oriented individuals that can meet these and additional expectations of the department. So whether you are seeking a full time career or a part time volunteer position, if you dream about becoming a Firefighter or Paramedic, then start here to learn what it takes to make those dreams come true.