Nestled along Maine’s beautiful rocky coast lies a charming fishing town steeped in history. Once here, take a walk along the cobblestoned streets and you’ll find yourself immersed in legend and lore- from pirates to mermaids and even buried treasure. Stop and feast upon exquisite cuisine featuring locally caught seafood or shop along the historic waterfront at one of our charming boutiques. And when you’re done for the day, relax and watch the beautiful sunset light up the Bay. No matter your reason for being here, whether as a tourist or looking to start a family, New Haven is sure to grow to be everything you need.


New Haven is a place where time stands still. Where the raw beauty of this coastal fishing town is preserved in the weathered wood and old brick structures that dot this seaside community. Located on Saco Bay just twenty-five miles Southwest of Portland, New Haven boasts a beautiful waterfront with plenty of shopping, dining and activities for all ages. Charming ivy-covered cottages and rustic seaside bungalows provide a perfect place to start a family and the unhindered access to the Bay provide picturesque sunset views. And stretching out toward the horizon, the historical Siren’s Keep Lighthouse stands sentry over the town, where its everlasting light acts as a guide to welcome you home.

New Haven offers its residents and visitors a beautiful place to live and play. With input from the community, we've paid close attention to detail and quality to ensure that you'll find everything you need while exploring your new home.
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Rest assured that here in New Haven, we are committed to maintaining a respectful and kind atmosphere. Our management team will always treat residents with the respect they deserve and we'll be more than happy to go out of our way to assist you in anything you need.
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Using mesh from the only the best designers and custom tools created specifically for New Haven, we strive to provide you with an original and interactive experience.
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Though New Haven has only been open since January 2022, the history of the town has its roots dug deep into the coast. Established in 1648, everywhere you look, splashes of history yearn to be discovered. In that, we are excited to share with you so many of the historical features we've included to make New Haven the perfect place to live.
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We encourage our community members to provide us with feedback and we actually look forward to hearing their suggestions and requests to make New Haven even better. With every expansion and renovation, we work diligently to include as many of the items our residents want as possible.
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New Haven has twenty beautiful regions to explore. From hidden trails, colorful forests and breath-taking sunsets, we offer plenty of scenic spaces to see. We are also the only family-roleplay community to offer eight water regions that are open for sailing, boating, fishing and an array of aquatic activities.

Though we continue to grow, we are always committed to maintaining that welcoming, small town feel and are actively seeking ways to enhance your New Haven experience. In fact, many attractions are our residents very own requests so we hope you love them as much as we do!


Spread out on several acres of land, Stonybrook Farms honors the tradition of the first settlers of New Haven by growing crops native to the area. They also provide a beautiful setting for family fun activities and the avid outdoorsman. Featuring rugged trails, farm plots, camping and a large selection of horse stalls, there is always something to do at this year-round venture.


In the heart of downtown you’ll find the Riverwalk where lighted trees and weathered cobblestone walkways guide you along this historical stretch of New Haven. Here, you’ll find that plenty of dining and shopping await. And at night, this waterfront district comes alive with activity and romantic lights, making this location a perfect evening out.


A membership at our exclusive Yacht Club on Edgewater offers visitors an exhilarating experience. Featuring dining service, wine tasting, a playable tennis court, heated pool, sauna and more- you’ll bask in the life of luxury. We also offer oversized boat slips for members looking to dock their sailboat or yacht and event packages if you’re looking to plan that special day.


The neighborhood of Canton is a favorite hang out for many looking to hide criminal activity, or even for those without the means or care to live within the renovated parts of New Haven. Finally having been reopened since its closure in 1969, this area is ripe with all the accoutrements you’d expect from an under the bridge sort of place. With rundown housing, homeless camps and trash pandas, there is a surprise around every corner. 


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frequently asked questions

Yes! If you find a location that you love, but the house isn’t what you are looking for, we would be happy to swap it for your dream home. Please keep in mind that certain styles of home do not fit in with the New Haven theme and certain homes or locations may not be eligible for a swap based on location. Please reach out to a manager or rental agent for more information.

Yes! New Haven is located on the Southeastern coast of Maine and therefore experiences the four seasons in all of their glory! We also provide weather forecasts and pop-up weather events to enhance your roleplay experience.

First, check our available listings to see if there is anything that suits your needs. Remember, we are happy to swap homes and help customize your location to your specifications. However, if there are no available listings, or you wish to wait for something more specific, please reach out to a rental agent or a general manager to be added to our waitlist.

Yes! We offer career opportunities both in-character and out of character. Our public service departments are plentiful and our friendly town employees are always looking for new members to join their ranks. If you are seeking a job outside of roleplay we do have moderator, rental agent and other specific positions available. Based on the needs of the community, announcements for available positions will be made and applications sent out to the group.

It’s simple! You don’t have to be a renter in New Haven to roleplay with us. All we ask is that you adhere to our rules and covenant and show respect to other members in the community. However, if you wish to deepen your roots within the community, we suggest heading on over to the Town Hall, where you can join our Township (OOC) and Roleplay (IC) groups, receive an invite to our Discord server, and more! You’ll also find our DMV office where you can fill our a citizenship application and apply to register your vehicle.

Yes! As one of the most northernmost states in the continental US and the fourth coldest-state, Maine sees its fair share of snow, even on the coast. Expect to see many days of snow and anywhere from 50-70 inches annually between the months of November-April.

As a family-friendly community, we strive to make sure that there are plenty of activities for all ages. Though the majority of our residents are 18+, we do encourage kids to reach out and share what they would like to see to make their experience better. We offer a variety of kid-friendly shops and upon request, we’ve added a daycare and school, farm with horse-riding, trails, and a large family park with playground. We also have our Community Center, with indoor pool, game room and a youth center.

We have big plans in place to further enhance the New Haven experience and are thrilled to be able to take the input of our residents and work them into the continued growth of our community. With that said, we plan on bringing in a family-fun park, more homes (included gated), a more rundown/urban area for those looking to dive into the darker side of roleplay, and many more outdoor activities for the whole family. And of course, if you have a suggestion or request, we’d love to hear it!