Here at New Haven Events, we strive to help you plan the perfect get together. Whether big or small, no event or activity is beyond our reach. We’ll be happy to lend our assistance, be it with acquiring entertainment, advertising, decor- you name it. We’ll be there to guide and support your event from start to finish.


If you’d like to book an event with us, or simply need to get your public event added to the calendar, fill out our events form or submit a ticket and one of our esteemed events members will get in touch with you.


Check out what our community team members have planned for you! This all-in-one calendar is a one stop shop for everything happening in New Haven. If you’d like to toggle a view for just one team, simply use the drop down arrow on the top right hand corner of the calendar. 

Have an idea for a event or need some assistance from our team in planning your own? Submit an events request form or open a ticket via Discord to have one of our event specialists contact you.

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Planning an Event


We suggest a minimum of one-two weeks notice to properly allow us to help you plan your event and to ensure that there are no scheduling issues.

There is no fee for residents that are doing all of the planning on their own and simply need the events team to add their event to the calendar.


There is a 500L fee to be paid to a hired event specialists, plus any additional costs for hired entertainment. This fee is for services beyond calendar booking.

Events team members will put together and host their own regular events each week. These may range from dances/parties, to concerts, classes, contests and general activities. But, they are also here to assist residents in planning and setting up their events such as birthday parties, weddings, funerals, etc. Please fill out the Event Request Form if you would like assistance in planning your next event.


If you have an idea for an event for the community but do not wish to be involved in planning anything, feel free to submit your idea to our suggestions channel or contact the Events Manager.

Prim usage is limited to 200 prims for an event. Additional prims may be used where available, depending on the location, with management approval.

Our events specialists offer a variety of services, including custom advertisement posters, décor, hosting and locating entertainment. Each specialist may also have additional services they are capable of using depending on your needs.

Public events are those that are on the calendar and open to the public. A private event is by invitation only, but where event specialists are still hired for planning, decorating and any additional needs.

We do have several DJs on our availability list, which your events specialist will refer to should you require entertainment. If you prefer to provide your own DJ, please include this information in your event request.

Events may be set up no sooner than 24 hours in advance.

Events Manager


Having been in SL since way back in 2006, I’ve been a part of many roleplay communities in the past where I’ve picked up a lot of experience organizing and planning events to help encourage community activity and help people have a good time.


As your Events Team Leader, one of my goals has been and continues to be finding ways to engage the community and present new and creative ways to entertain everyone and keep things active. If you have ideas for events or events you’d like to see, my door at the Events Office in New Haven is always open and I’ll be more than happy to see what I can do about helping to make your idea a reality.

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If you have a love for event planning, but don’t have a set schedule to commit to, this is the perfect job for you. To receive benefits, events members need only put on one event per week- any date, any time, any length! Plan and tailor your ideas to your schedule and let the rest of the community enjoy your creativity.


Citizens are not required to live in the town of New Haven in order to work for the department; however, for those that choose to live in New Haven, a 10% rental discount will be made available to all town employees upon request for those that meet the minimum level of activity within the department per week.


New Haven proudly offers residents a sign on bonus for their employment within the Events Team once the following criteria has been met:

  • Minimum weekly events and time requirements met. This includes one event or activity per week, as well as assisting in any events needs from community requests.

Apply Today!

If you are sociable and have a knack for planning and decorating and need an outlet to put your packed inventory to use, consider joining the New Haven events team. We’re a group dedicated to putting together a wide variety of activities for community members to enjoy, including dances/parties, contests, hunts, entertainment/concerts and more. Whether you enjoy going big, or sticking to a more intimate or specialized theme, we’re happy to accommodate all ideas and genres of events.