Brian and Cara started New Haven in January of 2021. Having experienced a variety of management styles in other communities that left them unsatisfied, they became determined to up the ante on both manager/resident service and breathe new life into the stigma surrounding family-roleplay. Though they admit to having little experience in running a large community, their approach is simple: maintain a heavy focus on respect, kindness and resident satisfaction. In that, they are committed to creating a beautiful home for people to live and play and provide a place where people feel like their input is valued. With huge ideas of their own, they are determined to work hard to help New Haven grow into something truly special. They strive to always remain open to suggestions and community feedback to enhance roleplaying opportunities for all and especially love to hear what the residents are excited about. Overall, their goal is to do everything possible to meet the needs of those that call New Haven home.



“Hey y’all! I have been in Second Life since 2010 and have enjoyed exploring so many wonderful places over the years. I’ve been roleplaying on various platforms and in many genres for over 15 years and I love traveling down the different paths that a storyline can take you.

Now, having found my way into community roleplay I am excited to help make your experience in New Haven special. I absolutely love decorating and designing, so whether you are looking for your dream home, custom landscaping or have a request that I can fulfill, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am truly happy to help!

When I am not working to help others or improve the community I enjoy exploring, photography, and shopping, of course. If you see me out and about, don’t hesitate to say ‘hey’ as I love meeting new people!”



Hi! I’ve been in Second Life for 16 years now and have seen and done a lot. I do a lot of scripting both in RL and SL and I am excited to be part of a project such as New Haven where I can share my skill set. My goal is to continue to develop and implement a variety of RP-capable systems to make your New Haven roleplay experience awesome.

I am always happy to lend my assistance to the residents of New Haven, whether it be finding a new home, answering technical questions or fixing something Cara broke. Whatever your needs may be, don’t be shy, my IMs are always open!