Announcement 5/10/24

Sorry I’ve missed the meeting yesterday. Had a passing in my family that changed my plans for my whole week. I will get another community meeting scheduled soon.

New Haven is going to be going through a downsize again. No, we are not going anywhere. Having this many regions is just not worth it. I would rather have a smaller, closer community rather than a large, oversized community. We are a roleplay community and things are just too far spread out the way they are right now.

Regions leaving:

5/15 Oak Island
5/16 West Port
5/16 Stonybrook
5/17 Ridge Harbor
5/19 Edgewater
5/22 Clearwater Bay
5/22 Verona Sound
5/22 Winslow Bay
5/28 Easton
6/2 Liberty Point
6/8 Lakeland

Regions staying:

Mission Hills
Haven Heights
New Haven
Sirens Keep
Golden Grove
Saco Bay
Hampton Point
Grand Harbor
Casco Bay
New Haven Sandbox

Regions moving but staying:

Hampton Point (600,1182)
Newport (601,1181)
Grand Harbor (602,1182)

If you are renting on one of the closing regions, please feel free to submit a ticket to either move to one of the regions staying, or request a refund. Refunds will be given if you wish to leave and your region is closing. Otherwise, your rent will be transferred to another location if you wish to stay.

Sorry for any inconvenience.